Grinstead & Associates Patient Bill of Rights

To expect quality service provided by concerned, trained, professional and competent staff.

To receive quality unbiased treatment without regard to age, color, culture, disability, ethnic group, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status.
To expect complete confidentiality within the limits of both Federal and State law, and to be informed about the legal exceptions to confidentiality; and to expect that no information will be released without the client's knowledge and written consent.
To a clear working contract in which business items, such as time of sessions, payment plans/fees, absences, access, emergency procedures, third-party reimbursement procedures, termination and referral procedures, and advanced notice of the use of collection agencies, are discussed.
To a clear statement of the purposes, goals, techniques, rules limitations, and all other pertinent information that may affect the ongoing mental health counseling relationship.

To appropriate information regarding the mental health counselor's education, training, skills, license and practice limitations and to request and receive referrals to other clinicians when appropriate.
To full, knowledgeable, and responsible participation in the ongoing treatment plan to the maximum extent feasible.
To obtain information about their case record and to have this information explained clearly and directly.
To request information and/or consultation regarding the conduct and progress of their therapy.
To refuse any recommended services and to be advised of the consequences of this action.
To a safe environment for counseling free of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

To a client grievance procedure, including requests for consultation and/or mediation; and to file a complaint with the clinic clinical directors.
To a clearly defined ending process, and to discontinue therapy at any time.

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